Chantelle Roussou

I have an insatiable appetite for travel I have visited some spectacular places. It was on one of these adventures that I walked into a restaurant on the island of Naxos and met my husband. Forging the way for a complete life overhaul starting a new life in a new country, culture, language, family, the works.

I am Maltese Australian but on most days my kitchen resembles that of a Greek grandmother (well I like to think it is getting close to that anyway). Between fostering the rewards of our little farm and trying to master moussaka there is usually something simmering away on the stove.

Before becoming a mother (my most rewarding role) I have worn many hats as bartender, dive master and emergency retrieval doctor. With the years of study, travel and various jobs I have developed skills that allow me to be flexible, thrive in unusual environments and relate to people from all walks of life. I try to see beyond the cliché and embrace the idiosyncrasies that make everyone unique.

I grew up in a small coastal town in Australia and there began a life long love affair with the ocean. These days you will still find me hanging out with my family at the beach or sometimes in the cooler months up on the mountains looking out towards the sea. Now I love capturing the amazing place I live and the people in it. Capturing the magic, the moments.

Live the memories again.

Chantelle Roussou Chora Naxos Cyclades Greece 84300


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  1. A super talented human! We highly recommend Chantelle, shes trustworthy, professional and brings with her beautiful calming approach.

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